In the early 1980’s my mom watched Jane Fonda play my namesake in the movie On Golden Pond while she was pregnant with me. She named me Chelsea that day. I’ve always loved my name, mainly because of its English meaning: Port of Ships.  I want to be a safe place for people to land. I want to grow as a listener, as an empathizer, and basically as a friend. My hope is to tame the strong parts of my personality and become the confident, whole, and healthy woman God has destined me to be.

If I picture my life as terrain, I can see how God brought me through the swamp land, where I was drowning, to a high almost heavenly place after meeting Him, and now I’m drifting between mountain tops and valleys holding on to Him (although I know it’s the other way around) as I try to navigate this life of love, beauty, uncertainty, change, hurt, and hope.

Right now I’m in a place where God has healed me enough from my past that I can genuinely say I have overcome the wounds that held me back for so long. I have finally forgiven! I see the hope for my future!

My husband, Keith, has been instrumental in my healing process and my boys, David and Jonathan, are the two who teach me what unconditional love means.  I’m thankful to God for my family, and I’m thankful I am finally learning how to Rest in My Role!